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Introduction Of Avant-Garde Soil Conditioner In Qatar

On the 9th of March Al Noaimi Agriculture & Irrigation Services organized a workshop in Sheraton Hotel, for the introduction of the soil conditioners of TerraCottem in Qatar. The technical Manager of TerraCottem , ir. Davy Ottevaere, made a full presentation of the soil conditioners TerraCottem Universal, TerraCottem Complementary and TerraCottem Turf. He spoke about their physical and chemical characteristics, their application and their benefits in environmental and financial terms. The audience included engineers from the Ministry of Municipality & Urban Planning, as well as contractors, consultants and many professionals dealing with all stages of landscaping and environmental protection. The attendants showed a great interest for the products, as TerraCottem is a proven and leading soil conditioning technology originally developed in the 80s at the University of Ghent in Belgium, to increase trees survival rate in reforestation programmes in semi-arid regions. The benefits are an increase of the plants root development and plant growth and reduction of the need for watering up to 50%. This is very important for a country like Qatar, were the annual rainfall is very low and the needs for irrigation very high. Notes for Editors: N.A.I.S was registered in Qatar in 2006, and is taking action in the following fields: Production of Indoor and Outdoor Plants. Complete soft and hard landscaping. Automatic Irrigation Systems for Landscape Areas, Lawns Fruit Orchards and Gardens. Maintenance of Landscaped Areas and Gardens. Consultancy.