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About NAIS

NAIS has sought since it was founded to create comfy, cozy and healthy atmosphere. And in order to achieve that, we committed ourselves to building a friendly relationship with all parties in the process: customers, employees and even the surrounding environment.

Ever since we pledged to use the most advanced technology as well as the highest standards and eco friendly materials.

We hope to continue providing the best performance in the industry of which fits your tastes and cope with your desires with integrity and creativity.

Our Vision

As a leading in Landscaping & Irrigation, our efforts are focused on always being at the forefront. We aim to meet the demands of a society that is moving towards a greener and eco-friendly lifestyle, and to define the natural beauty value wherever we operate.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring a greener life at your door step, while being a part of Qatar’s booming development, and to advance to a new level of green through cutting edge technology. We are spreading our Green Vision to have an effect that is tangible and accessible at your fingertips, by being one-stop-shop for everyone interested into introducing green to their lives.